A managed service provider/MSP is a third party contractor that delivers network-based services, applications and equipment to businesses, residences and other service providers. MSPs offer IT services such as IP messaging, telephony and call center management, controlled/monitored firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN) and monitoring and reporting of network servers.The solutions offered by MSP are such as security, storage, server, hosting, applications and mobile device management.


The main characteristics of MSP are:

  • Should contain a Network Operation Center Service
  • Have a help-desk service
  • Remotely monitor all objects of the customer
  • Maintain objects under management for the customer.


Managed service providers price their services at a flat-rate monthly basis. The monthly price depends on the services that you receive from the MSP. The monthly price is calculated using the number of devices that use that particular service. Some MSP offer on-site customer support and charge a fee.


  • Higher reliability: – MSPs improve the quality and reliability of the network and computer systems.
  • Timely maintenance and preventive: – This is because the MSPs monitor your machines and solve any failures or faults quickly.
  • Backup and recovery: – MSPs have a backup up server and recovery solutions to prevent any loss of important data and recoverability since they ensure data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Improved security:- MSPs have software that update patches from time to time to improve the company’s security making sure that the company’s information do not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cost effective: – The Prices of using MSPs enable businesses to control and reduce operation costs with flat-fee billing.
  • Increased productivity:- Using MSPs help people to focus on production rather than worrying about the technology used. Also the MSPs provide reliable internet connection that making one work with ease.

All these benefits outweigh the underlying challenges in installing and maintaining a managed service provider.  If you are looking for a great MSP, visit this website!